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The natural world demonstrates an exquisite capability to perform complex, efficient, and elegant chemistry. Humans have been increasingly successful in innovating ways to engineer these natural tools and algorithms to our own goals.

Through rapidly evolving technologies and strategies for modern molecular biology (e.g., gene sequencing, writing, and editing; synthetic biology; directed evolution; etc.) impressive advances have been accomplished. As we look ahead, further efforts can and are being made to adapt these complex emerging technologies into new and useful applications with commercially-viable processes. Many well-established classical chemistry and engineering principles and approaches can be integrated for efficient translation of these innovative molecular biology tools into more practical, scalable and effective chemical processes.

In this free webinar, we will explore the key advances and critical hurdles for translating these emerging molecular biology technologies into real-world applications and commercial processes.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • A brief history of biocatalysis with a look at its current and future growth trends
  • Role of practical process development for synthetic biology, fermentation, and biocatalysis
  • Case studies demonstrating industrial applications of synthetic biology and biocatalysis
  • cGMP and regulatory issues to consider for fermentation and biocatalysis
  • The value of a multi-disciplinary teams in development

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Pete Michels, Ph.D.

Head of Global Fermentation 


Jose Luis Barredo, Ph.D.

Biotechnology Business Director


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